Fisker Names New CEO Tony Posawatz, Chevy Volt Former Head image

On Tuesday, August 14th, Fisker Automotive changed for the second time this year its chief executive.

The automaker hired former head of GM’s Chevrolet Volt program, Tony Posawatz, who oversaw the development of the plug-in hybrid vehicle for 6 years until this summer.

“I’ve been recruiting him for quite a while and certainly had some people assist me in giving him the full story,” LaSorda said during a conference call with reporters. “He’s come in with eyes wide open.”

Fisker also hired Joseph Chao as its new head of the company’s China and Asian operations, and Alberto Gonzalez as the new vice president of manufacturing. Chao will be responsible and will oversee the automaker’s entry in China later this year.

At the beginning of this year the Department of Energy froze the last part of the loan worth $529 million, because Fisker had a one-year delay in the launch of its Karma model. The money was to be used for the company’s new model, the Atlantic. In February Tom LaSorda was named CEO replacing Henrik Fisker who founded the company in 2007. Fisker hopes that LaSorda will be able to overhaul the business plan and find solutions for the Atlantic without the DOE loan.