Fisker ramps up Karma deliveries image

Fisker Automotive is accelerating deliveries of its $102,000 Karma sedan as the company aims to prove it deserved the federal loan received in 2009.

The $529 million low-interest loan obtained by Fisker in 2009 was criticized by the Congress this year after the failure of solar panel maker Solyndra LLC, it too a recipient of a federal loan guarantee. But Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker is not concerned of discussions about the loan. “We’ve moved on from that. We’re here to make cars, not politics. All the DOE money that we’ve drawn down has been used here in the U.S. and has created jobs here in the U.S.,” Fisker was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

Shipments of the Karma electric sports car have begun, with 225 sent to dealers so far and 1,200 units in the pipeline. Most probably, Fisker won’t reach its target of 3,000 deliveries this year, as Karma sales began behind schedule after U.S. certification delays.

Karma production is now 25 units a day and may rise to 60 a day in 2012, Fisker said. The company also began shipping cars to dealerships in Europe. In 2012, the Karma will also be sold in China and the Middle East. The company is also developing a smaller, lower-priced model, the Nina, that will be built in Delaware.