Fisker SUV is in the works image

The North American based automaker Fisker is about to expand its line-up and after revealing the Surf during the Frankfurt Motor Show, it’s already working on a new model, an SUV, which will be based on the platform of the forthcoming Fisker saloon, codenamed Project Nina.

According to, the new small saloon is expected to be similar in size with the BMW 5-Series but its price will be set around the top-of-the-line version of the 3-Series, which is around 40.000 British pounds.

The new model which is close to entering Fisker’s line-up will be offered in both left and right-hand drive so this proves pretty much that the UK is one of the most important markets for the new SUV, but some Asian countries might be included on this list too.

The Project Nina sedan is expected to go on sale in 2013 with a hybrid powertrain but no details are known for now about the SUV, except that if the saloon will cost around 40.000 British pounds, the compact crossover will be priced at 50-60.000 and it can arrive in 2015.