Fisker takes the wraps off 400-mile range Emotion electric sedan image

There’s a new rival for the Tesla Model S – and it’s not coming from a traditional automaker – instead we see it as Fisker’s second attempt to fight the California-based model.

Remember the Karma – that failed hybrid sedan that looked to challenge back in the day the Tesla Model S? It’s now relieving a new lease of life as the Karma Revero – but that’s a different story. Anyways, the man behind the Karma – Henrik Fisker – is still dreaming, with a new company, to propose a viable alternative in the eco segment. It now has the Fisker Emotion to showcase – an electric sedan that should deliver plenty of space, and advanced design and new generation technologies for an impressive range.

Fortunately the new Fisker EMotion is far from the Karma sedan that was well received – but also in a good way. Just look at the design and you’ll understand – especially when viewed from the front. Everything is sporty – including the build, which deploys carbon fiber and aluminum – but there’s also “superb rear legroom,” because “Fisker has taken advantage of the newly developed electric powertrain layout by pushing the vehicle’s entire interior compartment forward and increasing the wheelbase with distinctively short front and rear overhangs”.

The Emotion is said to be good for a maximum speed of 161 mph (260 km/h) all the while going for 400 miles (643 km) on a single charge thanks to a new type of graphene battery technology that was developed by Fisker Nanotech and Nanotech Energy Inc. Apparently there’s also autonomous vehicle technology coming sometimes along the way, with the company saying it’s currently working with a third party provider that will deliver the systems. The model should be revealed in the metal sometimes next year, with deliveries allegedly starting soon afterwards.