Fisker Inc, led by the designer that borrowed his name to the brand, has recently teased the 2019 EMotion electric car, which is said to kick off at $129,900 and feature 100 miles of range after just 9 minutes of quick charge.

The Fisker EMotion is slowly becoming a reality – the automaker has released new teaser images with the production version that looks quite different from the prototype introduced last fall. There’s a new, smaller grille, different headlights and very interesting turn signals, while the front end also hides some form of autonomous driving assistance – “Eyes like a panther and front design with integrated LIDAR in the black center bright piece,” tweeted recently Henrik Fisker. The front fender hides the charge port, said to include proprietary “UltraCharger” technology, that should be able to give no less than 100 miles of range – or 160 km – with a charge lasting just nine minutes.

Fisker teases the 2019 EMotion, with high price and very quick charge 2

The electric sedan should hold a total charge good enough for a range of 400 miles and a maximum speed of 161 miles per hour. This is thanks to the advanced high-energy density, patent-pending battery pack and cooling system – and high technology is the name of the game everywhere: the LIDAR system is hiding behind the front center piece’s aluminum trim and tinted screen, the side mirrors house two cameras, for panoramic, 360-degree views and there are also numerous aero elements made out of carbon fiber. Fisker is looking to also provide a one-of-a-kind, white glove concierge service, which is to be expected considering the price for the “Ultra Large Battery Pack” version.


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