Henrik Fisker is an established name in terms of automotive design, but his business attempts with the Fisker Karma electrified car were a complete flop – he’s undeterred though, so here’s the Fisker EMotion.

The first public reveal of the already introduced online Fisker Emotion have been set for August 17 this year, with the model actually coming as a working prototype – not the final production specification car. The newly minted automaker didn’t actually reveal more new information and specifications besides what we already know. As far as we are aware the plans include first deliveries for the mid of 2018, with the fully electric model setting itself as a Tesla Model S and Lucid Air competitor with a range of more than 400 miles (640+ km) on a single charge.

The model features an interesting concept – it won’t have a standard lithium-ion battery – and instead use graphene supercapacitors for energy storage. The body features a very low weight thanks to the carbon fiber and aluminum construction, enabling a maximum speed of 161 mph (259 kph). Fisker has also revealed previously the EMotion will carry some sort of autonomous hardware, being priced similarly with a high trim Tesla Model S – while on the long run the automaker also intends to compete the latter with a second, smaller and more affordable electric car. Fisker has not only set up Fisker Inc. as the new carmaker, but also created Fisker Nanotech, to supply the supercapacitors and the powertrain.



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