Fisker to produce 15,000 EV’s in 2012 image

Fisker Automotive the California based automaker said is on track to build 15,000 of its electric sports cars next year despite production delays that have sharply reduced the start-up car-maker’s projected deliveries this year, Reuters reports.

Fisker originally intended to sell the Karma in late 2009, but due to funding delays, the company was unable to begin production.

Last month Fisker announced its effective approval by federal, California and European agencies needed for it to begin deliveries of its extended-range electric Karma to customers worldwide. Fisker has long said it plans to sell 15,000 Karmas next year, but the $96,000 price tag will make that target very hard to be achieved, according to industry analysts.

The $95,900-plus Karma costs more than double what a packed Volt does, and its economy does not favorably compare to the 2012 Volt’s EPA-rated 94 MPGe, 37 mpg combined fuel efficiency, and 35 miles of electric range.

The company will sell only 1,500 cars this year — a lot fewer than the 7,000 vehicles the company said it would sell this year when it began production of the Karma in Finland at Valmet Automotivein March.

“Valmet offers us the quality and speed necessary to meet our production goals, and given that more than half of Fisker Automotive’s sales are expected to be outside North America, Valmet represents an ideal international foothold”, says Fisker Automotive CEO, Henrik Fisker.