Fisker to start a new company ? image

After his plug-in car company went into bankruptcy court, Henrik Fisker is looking to start a new venture and surprisingly or not, it’s in the auto business.

The car designer, whose auto models were launched at the same time as Tesla Motors, is planning on bringing something completely innovating on the automobile market. Fisker announced during the unveiling of the customized Ford Mustang at the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance event that took place this month that “I’m looking into starting a new company.”

Without getting into details, Fisker said expressed his intrigue regarding the Milliennials and how he admires their interest for new kinds of transportation and car innovations. Moreover, he revealed that he would be working with an enthusiastic group of young people on his new connected-car project.

After the well-known Fisker Karma sleek plug-in model, the company went out of production in 2012 when it could no longer source its batteries. The automaker made a comeback in the hands of a Chinese company that plans to restart production of Fisker models in California, without Henrik Fisker’s involvement though. At the moment, Fisker is working on the Fisker Rocket, a joint venture with Galpin Motors, an important and big Ford dealer located in Los Angeles, U.S..


The Rocket is a hopped-up Mustang with 725 HP in its supercharged version. The new convertible version priced at $125,000 is said to have been completely remade. Beau Boeckmann, the former MTV show Pimp My Ride’s star, whose family  is in charge of Galpin, stated that the new model totally lost its Mustang origins, including the extensive carbon fiber panels to lighten it.