Fittipaldi EF7 is going to Geneva with large carbon wing image

The Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina is surely going to grab the attention on the Geneva show floor even with the well known abundance of exotic introductions the Swiss event is renowned for.

For now the pure track racer has been teased again – flaunting a massive rear wing made out of carbon fiber in a bit to keep the assembly light and maximize aerodynamic efficiency. As far as we can see we get it will sport huge dimensions and a menacing bare carbon design adorned with white “Pininfarina” on top and “EF7 Fittipaldi” lettering at the base. A naturally aspirated V8 was designed for the model and should come with more than 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) – sent to the road via a unique transmission. Due to extensive usage of carbon fiber, the high-performance model will come with a lightweight body and tip the scales at around 2,204 pounds (1,000 kilograms).

Fittipaldi EF7 is going to Geneva with large carbon wing 1

With much power and low weight comes responsibility for high performance – the EF7 was created in partnership with German engineering group HWA, an AMG spin-off. While production will be severely limited, everyone in the world will be able to virtually experience it because it will be part of the Gran Turismo video game on the Sony PlayStation console. Two-time Formula 1 world champion and Indianapolis 500 winner Emerson Fittipaldi will sit next to Pininfarina reps at the Geneva Motor Show to take the wraps off the EF7.