Twice he won the Formula 1 world champion and he also snatched the Indianapolis 500, so Emerson Fittipaldi has become a racing legend – but ne now wants to enter the manufacturing game as well.

Under the logo Fittipaldi Motors, new cars – first off a supercar worthy of the name – will be developed in partnership with two major names in automotive design and engineering: iconic Italian design house Pininfarina and well-known German engineering group HWA. The first of those will be the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision by Pininfarina, to be showcased in front of the worldwide audience in the metal at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 7. We already have the first teaser and details, with the company saying Fittipaldi – the 1972 and ’74 F1 champion – is “applying all his track knowledge on creating a new experience that will elevate the driving ability of all super car enthusiasts from around the world”.

We’re not getting the full scoop for now, because, well, this is the function of teasers – but expect the car to get an early release just prior to the start of the Geneva Motor Show press days, a traditional way for brands now to snatch some glory before everyone rushes inside the center and there are too many novelties to keep track. Interestingly enough, the brand also said the car will become virtually available for everyone around the world, as it will be featured in the Gran Turismo video game franchise on the Sony PlayStation.



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