Five-door Fiat 500 to replace the Punto image

The Italian based car manufacturer is planning to introduce a five-door version of the 500 in order to replace the current Punto generation.

The five-door version of the Fiat 500 is believed to make its way onto the market from 2015 and rather than fitting two extra doors on the regular 500, and a stretched wheelbase, the company will actually use a modified version of the Punto platform in order to give birth to this new model. The recipe will be “copied” from its larger brother, the Fiat 500L, but the styling cues will be inspired by the outgoing version of the 500, and it will include the two-part headlights, the short bonnet and so on.

The announcement on the five-door Fiat 500, which will replace the current Punto generation, hasn’t been made official but according to the guys at Auto Express, the model in question will hit the market after 2015, because the carmaker is currently planning to introduce the 500X crossover, next year (2014). Besides the Fiat 500X, the company will also continue to produce different body styles of the regular 500. Additional details on these models are currently limited for the moment and will be announced close to their debut, as we’re already used to.