Not long ago, we came up (absolutely subjective) with five roads you should tick when driving in the United States. Today we come with a follow-up, allowing you to jump from one corner of the Earth to the other.

Since the advent of the automobile, just over a century ago, roads took a decisive step forward – from dirt tracks that would fill up with potholes and mud to the examples of engineering geniuses that we can find all over the planet. Not everything is perfect yet, but we did come a long way. Speaking of long ways… Let’s explore another five roads that we (yet again, subjectively) think you’ll love. A convertible/ sports car would be advisable, but thanks to the stunning scenery and, sometimes, incredibly dangerous taunts – you’ll enjoy them even in a Tata Nano (arguably the world’s cheapest car).

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road – just like the name says, it’s the driveway to United Arab Emirates’ Jebel Hafeet Mountain, the second-tallest mountain in the country. If you make the trip late afternoon, after passing through the winding craggy limestone scenery you’ll reach the summit in time to see the Sun going to sleep over the desert.

Atlantic Road in Norway – you’ll pass seven bridges – utterly uncommon – and marvel at the blazing beauty of the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Although it’s not easy to come across, if you make the drive in calm weather, you could catch a glimpse of passing whales and seals.

Milford Road in New Zealand – this one hits the sweet spot for the move aficionado as well. After passing through 144 miles of winding road that takes you across the Fiordland National Park, located exactly in the heart of the Southern Alps, you’ll eventually reach Milford Sound. Which, incidentally, is among the filming locations for Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy, the “Lord of the Rings.”

Chapman’s Peak Drive – it’s a South African road, just five miles long. Great things come in small portions, so you’ll bask in the 114 turns that allow you to see stunning 180-degree displays of nature’s might – mountain joining the sea in the eternal struggle.

North Yungas Road – this incredible stretch of “pass with your car if you dare” is in Bolivia. Stunning views aside (you might discard them as you shiver and tremble in fear for your life), this is regarded as the world’s most dangerous road – it’s unpaved, it’s filled with tight curves on single lanes and has… well, steep drop-offs.

Via Business Insider


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