Five gorgeous roads to drive in the US image

There are billions of miles of long, windy, sharp or elevated roads just waiting for your car in the world, so we decided today to focus on the millions inside the US borders – a country well known for its beautiful scenery and long – often eerie quiet – roads.

When you have a country that has 250 million inhabitants and stretches across a continent from one ocean to another, there’s bound to be some heavenly roads for the auto aficionado. Well, as you may already know, the truth is there are millions of choices, literally – so our five roads pick might be biased. But hey, we’re only humans – admittedly, ones mesmerized by the views and ready to jump in a speedy convertible to try them by ourselves. Because we’re not ready to do any more hard choices, the five pieces of automotive art are presented in no particular order.

Scenic Byway 163 – is a 45 miles long drive that takes you and your – hopefully, open top ride – from the Arizona boarder into Utah. The scenery includes an untainted view of the desert and the famous red rocks of Monument Valley.

Overseas Highway – how about stretching your legs in the car while driving over the ocean? The 113 miles ride is a link between mainland Florida and the Florida Keys and has 42 overseas bridges – how about a sunrise or a sunset there?

Interstate 70 – this one admittedly is a dish best served cold. You will marvel during this Utah wintertime scenery as you find your way through the snow-covered Spotted Wolf Canyon.

Valley of Fire Road – red, so much red. This Nevada stretch of highway gets you through incredibly gorgeous red sandstone formations that allow you to catch a glimpse of an almighty fire when the sun glazes upon them.

Hana Highway – well, this one gets you to Hawaii. The road is along the Island of Maui’s coastline and will get you to fight 620 sharp turns and 59 bridges. The views are incredible, and there’s an abundance of rain forests, waterfalls and… ocean water.

Via Business Insider