Fleet of autonomous Nissan Leaf models takes to the London streets image

Nissan has decided that its next generation autonomous driving systems need a good venue to test their traffic skills and thus selected the busy streets of England’s capital city.

Nissan is joining the autonomous UK party – with the island nation being one of the largest proponents of driverless systems in Europe – and has announced the start of real-world testing of a fleet of electric Leafs east of London. The company says it has deployed its next-generation autonomous drive technology, allowing them to operate without human help on highways as well as in urban scenarios – even when dealing with busy streets, intersections, and roundabouts.

Fleet of autonomous Nissan Leaf models takes to the London streets 3

“This test of Nissan’s forthcoming autonomous drive technology in the demanding conditions of London streets underlines our commitment to delivering Nissan Intelligent Mobility to our customers,” commented Takao Asami, Nissan’s senior vice president for Research and Advanced Engineering. The cars make use of millimeter wave radar, high-speed computer chips, laser scanners, cameras, a specialized Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and other usable components in the future to navigate a variety of environments at varying speeds. So far the manufacturer has only introduced its ProPilot system on the Serena minivan for the Japanese market, but it’s widely expected to make the trip to Europe on the Leaf and Qashqay later on this year.