Flo Rida DUI: won’t serve jail time for driving while intoxicated image

After he was arrested back on June 9 in Miami Beach, the rapper struck a deal with prosecutors that will keep him out of jail.

The 32-year-old singer will be allowed to enroll in the state’s “Back on Track” program for first time DUI offenders, his attorney, Daniel Lurvey, said Wednesday.

Per the terms of his deal, Flo must obtain a certificate of completion in substance abuse classes, attend counseling, complete community service and submit to random drug testing in order to hold up his end of the deal.

If Flo completes all the program requirements, prosecutors will knock the DUI charge down to a lesser charge — reckless driving.

According to the report, officers who pulled the singer over said he had “bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech and an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.”

When the officer tried to conduct a “walk the line” test — Flo told the cop,

“Officer I can’t do this. I don’t feel I can walk a straight line. I had a few drinks. Let’s try another test.”

Flo Rida then told the arresting officers that he lived close by and was able to mak
e it home. A gathering crowd also pleaded with cops, asking them to let the hip-hop star go; a few even offered to drive him home.