Floods in the Czech Republic Disrupt Porsche Production image

Porsche said that the floods in the Czech Republic have disrupted supply of the Cayenne SUV bodies to the plant in Leipzig, forcing the company to cut a shift.

“We have a bottleneck in the supply of car bodies built in the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava, which are transported by train across the Czech Republic to our plant in Leipzig,” a spokeswoman for the company said on Wednesday, June 5th.

Tomorrow, June 6th, workers in the first shift, between 0400-1200 GMT will not come to work. The floods will also affect the assembling of the Panamera four-door coupe, even if the bodies for the model are brought from the city of Hanover, Germany. If the transport condition will worsen the automaker might decide to cancel further shifts.

Porsche’s spokeswoman said that several hundred workers will not come to work due to the floods, but also said that the automaker’s flexible production system will help the company offset the production loss by adding more shifts at a later date. The Leipzig plant manufactures 450 vehicles per day with a total of three shifts. In April the Cayenne was Porsche’s best-selling vehicle for the month with 7,536 units delivered globally.

Source: Reuters