Talk about fan love – the Lamborghini Aventador was the first acquisition made by world-renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather the day he got out of jail.

The surprising revelation has been made by the international star as the world follows him in advance of the Pacquiao fight – it’s just ten days from now and the $300 million mega-fight could become the world’s most expected boxing events. So, naturally, all eyes are on the two fighters, with the US watching every step of the undefeated champion. He was recently visited by ESPN, which decided to make a series of testimonials with the five-division world champion and in one of those the discussion reached his supercar garage. ESPN’s Stephen A. was in Mayweather’s home and the fighter took the time to showcase his superstar lifestyle – naturally hitting the subject of his impressive car collection. The two discussed on a segment about his most expensive acquisitions – a perfect occasion for the superstar to brag again about his opulent assets. So, in the garage they pass a Ferrari LaFerrari – red, of course – and two Bugatti Veyrons. Here we have an astonishing declaration – one of the Bugattis is called cheap, since it’s not “the most expensive money can buy”. He does say the price – around 1.6 million dollars. HE then moves to one dressed in white – which he claims is more fitting to his comfort zone – having paid some three million for the customized ride.

He then reaches nostalgia lane as we move to another white ride – a Lamborghini Aventador – with Mayweather proudly explaining: “This is the first car I bought the first day I was home from jail. When I was locked away, I’ve seen it in a book. So I said that I’m going to buy this when I get out.” While he’s not utterly out of order, for us petrolheads could be more annoying the fact that the 38-year-old sportsman is called often as “the dust collector” because his exotics are not actually driven.



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