Forbes ranked BMW as the most powerful car brand, the second consecutive year when the automaker manages to get in the top 10 for all seven global dimensions.

BMW was given the title of the world’s most reputable company for 2013, with a global RepTrak score of 78.39 from a total of 100.

“Once again, BMW is the most reputable company in the world. The German automaker has continued to earn the trust and respect of consumers around the globe though its consistent focus on delivering high quality in all its actions. What BMW has done so well is to be relevant across all seven dimensions of reputation,” said Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Reputation Institute’s executive partner.

BMW also managed to get in the top 10 in nine of the 15 countries in the study, with the best reputation in South Korea, Russia and Australia. A BMW spokesman told Reputation Institute that the company succeeded in building trust through its ‘Deliver on Promises’ approach, as trust is the foundation of the company.

“For years, we have been cultivating relationships with all of our stakeholders based on consistency and reliability. The result is a culture of ongoing communication based on trust,” said the spokesman.

Source: Forbes


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