Forbes Survey Shows 10 Carmakers Among World’s Largest 100 Companies image

A recent survey released on Wednesday, April 18th, by Forbes magazine, shows that ten automakers are among the world’s largest 100 public companies.

The magazine released a list of the world’s largest 2,000 companies ranked by sales, profits, assets and market value. VW is ranked 17th, Toyota moved up from 55th to 25th, taking the second spot among automakers, Daimler is 37th, Ford Motor 44th, Honda Motor 59th and BMW AG 61st. General Motors Co., the world’s largest automaker by sales volume, is 63rd, followed by Nissan Motor in 85th, Hyundai Motor at 96th and Mitsubishi Corp. is 95th. Renault is 187th, SAIC Motor is 232nd, while Kia Motors is 253rd. Fiat is 314th and Tata Motors is 348th.

The 2,000 companies on Forbes list account for $36 trillion in revenues, up 12%, $2.64 trillion in profits, up 11% and $149 trillion in assets, up 8%. The 2,000 companies employ 83 million people worldwide. The companies are based in 66 countries, with the U.S. having the most of them with 524 members, followed by Japan with 258 members.