Ford’s chief financial officer: “I have zero interest to become CEO” image

Bob Shanks, the actual vice president and chief financial officer said it has zero aspirations to become CEO of Ford Motor Corp when Mulally retires from the top job.

“I have zero interest,” Shanks said of becoming CEO. “I’m in the job I should be in.”

Bob Shanks, who was named Ford Motor Company’s executive vice president and chief financial officer in April has a wealth of global experience in business strategy and corporate planning.
He was appointed a corporate officer of Ford Motor Company in July 2004, when he was elected to the position of vice president, Operations Support, Finance and Strategy, Ford of Europe and Premier Automotive Group (PAG).

Mulally remains at the front of the executive ranks of Detroit because of how he kept the automaker afloat throughout the recession without taking a bailout. General Motors and Chrysler Group not only needed government money to carry on, but the companies also declared bankruptcy.

During a dinner in Detroit last month, Mulally declined to talk to The Times about any potential retirement plans, saying, “I consider it an honor to continue to serve Ford.”

He gave no indication that he plans to retire anytime soon. But because of his age, there is constant speculation as to who might succeed Mulally.

Ford earned $29.5 billion in the last three years after $30.1 billion in losses from 2006 through 2008.