Ford Motor Co. stated that it plans to restart production at its Thai plant somewhere mid-November, depending on supplier’s recovery progress after the terrible floods that paralyzed the country.

The factory represents a joint venture unit with Mazda and remained closed since Oct.11 due to supply shortage. It produces 220, 000 vehicles per year, with a 50-50 split between Mazda and Ford, from witch 120,000 pickup trucks and 100,000 passengers cars.

Earlier this week, Ford said that until now it lost 17,000 units of production due to Thailand flooding and is expecting to lose another 13,000 units until the manufacturing facilities will start to operate normally again.

Ford reported a 4 percent increase in the profit of the first 9 months compared to last year, reaching $6.6 billion, and forecasts a growing trend for the fourth quarter, with 22,000 units produced more than last year, up to 1.4 million units. North America is seen as the only market that will allow sales increases for the remaining of 2011, while Europe and other regions register sales contractions due to global economical uncertainty.


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