Ford Accused of Causing Problems After Recalling 470,000 Escape Crossovers image

Ford has to pay for the mistakes it did seven years ago when it recalled 470, 000 Escape Crossovers to fix a troublesome accelerator cable but caused another problem.

The company recalled the 470, 000 Escape crossovers to prevent the accelerator cable from getting caught on the pedal. The Center for Auto Safety said that this repair could easily affect the car’s cruise control cable and lead to unintended acceleration. This new problem is already linked to the fatal accident that took place in January. A 17-year-old girl died after her 2002 Ford Escape accelerated out of control.

“We are in the midst of our investigation, and we have not reached any conclusions. We will work closely with NHTSA to determine the cause of the crash and will take appropriate action if warranted by the outcome of the investigation,” said Ford.

The Center claims that Ford Knew about the fact that cruise control cables could be damaged during the recall repairs. In December 2004 Ford sent a recall notice to Escape owners, and then 10 months later the company sent out an update to that repair to dealers, but didn’t inform the owners too.

“…to inform dealers that updated illustrations and a warning have been added to the technical instructions…to help prevent damage to the speed control cable while performing the accelerator cable replacement procedure.”