Ford may add production of the Taurus and Lincoln MKS sedans at the Flat Rock, Michigan, plant near Detroit within a couple of years.

The Detroit Free Press wrote that Ford is adding 1,200 jobs to the plant to handle Fusion production that begins in February. More workers could be needed to handle Taurus and MKS production, which are currently built in Chicago.

The report said it wasn’t clear how many jobs would be created if such a move takes place. United Auto Workers officials said they already expect 1,400 jobs to be created in Flat Rock, 200 more than originally planned, for Fusion production. Around 1,763 workers build the Mustang in Flat Rock on a single shift.

Flat Rock will become Ford’s central hub for midsize and full-size cars, in sharp contrast with the situation from a year ago, when the factory was barely able to keep one shift busy making the Ford Mustang and the Mazda6. Workers feared that the plant, formerly known as AutoAlliance International, might be scrapped or sold off.

Ford also promised to keep the next-generation Mustang at Flat Rock. A Ford spokesman declined to comment on the report.


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