Beginning September 3rd, Ford of South Africa will add 800 new jobs to boost production of its Ford Ranger pickup truck.

The 800 new jobs will be added to Ford’s Silverton Assembly Plant and Struandale Engine Plant in South Africa which produce the award-winning Ford Ranger pickup truck. The company will introduce a second shift to the Silverton plant and a third shift to the Struandale one beginning September 3rd.

“The customers have spoken, and they want more of the quality, cost and capability offered by our Ranger pickup trucks,” said Jeff Nemeth, President and CEO of FMCSA. We are adding shifts to our operations, creating jobs and confirming our commitment to South Africa.”

The company invested USD 405,842 to transform the assembly and manufacturing plants in South Africa to adapt them to the new Ranger pickup trucks, which is to be exported in 148 countries, mostly in Africa and Europe. The automaker has also invested in offering its employees trainings and offer then the necessary skills to be able to build world-class Rangers. Before the training each worker has to undergo a comprehensive pre-employment assessment.


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