Today, January 7th, Ford announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas several new applications for its customers.

Ford joined hands with technology company Glympse and created a new app which allows the automaker’s customers to share their location by using the vehicle’s Sync voice command. The app is called Ford’s Sync AppLink and makes compatible smartphone app such as Glympse.

“People typically share their location while in the car,” said Glympse CEO Bryan Trussel. “We’re providing drivers with a rich, real-time and hands-free way to share where they are.”

Customers can use the app after they have downloaded it onto their smartphone so that the vehicle will recognize the phone when it is connected to the car by Bluetooth or USB. Drivers can share their location by simply pushing a button on the steering wheel and saying ‘Send Glympse’ via text, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. The person receiving the Glympse can use their phone said Julius Marchwicki, Ford Sync AppLink program manager.

“We are providing our customers with a dynamic way to share their location while removing the need to take their eyes off the road or hands off the steering wheel to pick up their smartphone,” said Julius Marchwicki, Ford Sync AppLink program manager.


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