Ford Aims At Double Digit Sales in 2013 for Lincoln image

Ford plans to reach double digit sales next year for its Lincoln Motor brand.

Ford told its dealers at a recent dealer meeting that 2013 will be a considered a ‘good year’ if the company will manage to reach 18% sales increase. But as the automaker has dropped more than 60% from its peak 20 years ago, an 18% increase might not be enough to get the automaker back on the track.

“An 18 percent increase from this point will probably be a modest increase,” said Jesse Toprak, vice president of industry analysis at “For them to show any kind of momentum, they need to have a 25 percent-plus year.”

Although Lincoln does not aim at becoming the luxury volume sales leader, it aims at introducing new and unique designs, technologies and colors into the segment, beginning with the new MKZ out this month. Since it was launched the MKZ has been Lincoln’s biggest seller and dealers say that preorders for the new model are the highest for any Lincoln model since the late 1990s. said that even if the MKZ is ‘the best Ford can do,’ it won’t be enough to compete with Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi.