The new electric delivery van is part of DHL’s ongoing strategy to significantly electrify its delivery fleet, Ford selected as partner for the Deutsche Post DHL Group in order to fulfill an order for 150 Transit-based electric delivery vans.

All of them will reach Germany’s roads before the end of the year, and have been rebranded as the StreetScooter Work XL, with the Blue Oval actually securing enough orders to manufacture 2,500 examples by the end of next year. “It is the perfect vehicle for parcel deliveries in major cities and large urban areas, and will enable us to cope with the rising parcel volumes in an even more environmentally friendly and quieter manner,” explained the new venture Jürgen Gerdes, Deutsche Post DHL Group management board member. Ford is set to equip the treetScooter Work XL with batteries 30 to 90 kilowatt hours of capacity, meaning range is set to vary between 50 miles (80 kilometers) and 124 miles (200 kilometers) on a charge.

Ford and DHL team up for the future - Streetscooter XL 4

According to the partners, for a year’s worth of usage, each van will have saved up to 11,023 pounds (5,000 kilograms) of CO2 emissions production, along with 502 gallons (1,900 liters) of diesel fuel. The delivery vans will have the usual capacity of more than 200 packages – with tailgate doors and a lateral sliding one for easy on and off-loading. DHL already uses more than 3,000 StreetScooter Work and Work L electric vehicles in Germany, though not all of them based on a Ford product – the company acquired the Streetscooter project to start building such electric models on their own.


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