Ford and GM Sign Deal to Develop 9- and 10-Speed Automatic Transmissions image

Ford and GM signed an agreement to jointly develop an all-new line of 9- and 10-speed automatic transmissions to increase performance and fuel economy of their vehicles.

The new 9- and 10-speed automatic transmissions will be manufactured in both front- and rear-wheel-drive variants and will cost less if each automaker would have worked independently.

“We expect these new transmissions to raise the standard of technology, performance and quality for our customers while helping drive fuel economy improvements into both companies’ future product portfolios, ” said Jim Lanzon, GM vice president of global transmission engineering.

This is the third agreement on transmissions between GM and Ford in the past ten years and these partnerships have helped both automakers deliver globally more than 8 million high-quality 6-speed front-wheel-drive transmissions. Ford’s vehicles which feature the six-speed transmissions are the Explorer SUV, the Escape SUV, the Ford Edge crossover and the Ford Fusion family sedan, while GM has them installed in several award-winning models such as the Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Traverse and Chevrolet Cruze.

“The goal is to keep hardware identical in the Ford and GM transmissions. This will maximize parts commonality and give both companies economy of scale,” said Craig Renneker, Ford’s chief engineer for transmission and driveline component and pre-program engineering.

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    Ford's 6-speed automatic is also used in the company's subcompact Fiesta and compact Focus.