Ford Announced Lincoln MKZ has Set US Record Sales in April image

Ford announced that its redesigned Lincoln MKZ sedan has set a US monthly record in April , driving the brand’s gain of at least 10%.

“We should be right around the 4, 000-unit sales mark for MKZ,” said Jim Farley, executive vice president of Ford global marketing and sales and Lincoln. “This would be our strongest sales month ever for MKZ and it will be a double-digit percentage increase for Lincoln as a whole.”

Ford relies on the new MKZ to increase Lincoln’s sales and bring more growth in North America, where the automaker reported record margins and profit in 2012. During the first quarter Lincoln’s sales in the US dropped 24%, the steepest fall among any automaker with at least 100 sales. MKZ previous record was set in December 2006 with 3,795 units sold and analysts expect Ford to have led automakers in the US with an increase of 17% for April.

“This is going to be a long road over the next months and years coming for remaking Lincoln,” said Farley. “It’s such an important journey for the company. It will not only need to continue but accelerate for us to continue to be competitive.”

Source: Bloomberg