Ford asks owners of 2014 F-150 to stop driving them image

It looks like the No.2 US automaker takes safety matter more serious than its rival – GM – as the company asked owners of a small batch of 2014 model year F-150 to park them.

The company announced in a statement on its website that until a power steering failure is addressed, the owners of 5, 675 cars should consider not driving them. That’s in stark contrast to what GM has lobbied for its 2.6 million cars recalled for a defective ignition switch that can cause catastrophic failure of safety systems. It even fought in court plaintiffs who asked the federal authorities to mandate the automaker in doing so.

On Ford’s case, the issue is not that wide spread and the automaker couldn’t afford a public debacle on its best-selling current model 2014 F-150 pickup truck, especially as it prepares for the later this year introduction of its new generation successor.

According to the carmaker, the issue has not caused any accidents or injuries so far and of the almost 6,000 units affected only a small fraction – around 260 vehicles – need to actually be parked, as the rest are either on dealer lots or on their way to dealers. The call is also an expansion of an earlier 372 trucks recall that was made this month – with the affected trucks produced between May 26 and June 19.

Via Reuters