Ford attracts renowned partners to its Sync infotainment system image

The world of advanced automotive telematics systems is fast approaching, as shown in CES now and also highlighted by some first offs from Ford.

Ford and Domino’s Pizza have joined forces to create the first known fast-food e-commerce app that is integrated with an automotive telematics system, so that registered mobile customers of Domino’s now can execute a hands-free order of their favorite fast food using the Ford Sync AppLink without having to crawl to a halt to in front of a speaker to get it going.

“This will be the first time any fast-food brand has been able to do this sort of e-commerce from a vehicle,” said J. Patrick Doyle, CEO of Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Domino’s. “The ability to tie all of this together with the Sync system and be able to order Domino’s while driving safely is a pretty big step forward.”

Ford executives are patrolling the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week talking about advances in Sync that may help Ford retain its trailblazing position in vehicle “telematics,” including the addition of Sync AppLink to 3.4 million more vehicles later this year to ensure seamless usage of smartphone apps in the car via voice command.

Also, Gracenote powers the first-ever voice-activated, mood-based music listening for Ford Sync Applink users. Using the Sync AppLink API, Gracenote developers are providing drivers a unique way to rock out to music to match their mood – using simple voice commands with the Habu Music App.

The Habu smartphone app for iPhone makes it easy to navigate expansive music collections, letting drivers tap into their music to enjoy a playlist to fit just about any mood, without having to remember artist or track names.

Next up we have Parkopedia, the leading parking information provider with more than 28 million parking spots listed, that announced an app compatible with the Ford Sync. Using the AppLink interface, drivers will be able to locate available nearby parking spots and get pricing information through simple voice commands, eliminating the need to touch their mobile phone while driving.