Ford Began Testing the Electronic Brake Light image

Ford has recently tested its Electronic Brake Light, part of its Safe Intelligent Mobility research project, which is a wireless brake-light which alerts cars far down the road or around corners.

The Electronic Brake Light is in fact an in-vehicle wireless radio which alerts nearby cars when your vehicle is breaking, even if those cars are around corners or far down the road. So drivers behind you will see a signal on their dashboard when your car brakes, and therefore be able to avoid chain reaction collisions.

The automaker has tested the electronic break light in its S-MAX vehicles in Germany, but the system is part of a broader vehicle-to-vehicle communications strategy aimed at connecting all the vehicles on the road into an enormous automotive network. This network will help drivers not to depend only on their senses and reactions, which sometimes are not enough to avoid a crash.

The Electronic Brake Light is only one of the 20 systems which Ford is currently testing for Safe Intelligent Mobility – Testfield Germany. The automaker has also began testing the Obstacle Warning system, which will alert drivers when there is an object on the road.