The second largest US automaker, Ford Motor, announced today is began the production of the 2015 Ford Edge at its Oakville Assembly factory in Canada for export in at least 100 markets.

Additionally, the Oakville plant will receive another 400 new employees to lift the production of the 2015 Ford Edge sport-utility vehicle to cater for bustling demand in the United States, where customers continue to flock to the SUV segment – encouraged by the slumping gasoline prices. The new hires come on top another batch of employment of 1,000 persons announced back in October for the same assembly facility, according to the Dearborn, Michigan-based company. The latest version of the model, set to begin sales in the US and Canada later this year, has been introduced at the factory in Canada after it received an investment of C$700 million ($563 million) for retooling purposes. The No.2 US automaker is counting on the bustling demand for SUVs to lift Edge demand, after total sales of the segment surged 12 percent in 2014 thanks to dwindling gas prices that reached their lowest level in five years.

The global rollover will see the Edge exported in Asia, Africa and the Middle East from both North America and South America. The model will also reach Western Europe, including with a right-hand drive variant and equipped with a diesel engine. The Oakville Assembly plant in Canada has been functioning since 1953 and currently produces the Ford Flex and the Lincoln MKT and is also scheduled to begin assembly of the new 2016 Lincoln MKX sometimes this year.

Via Reuters, Bloomberg


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