Ford believes UK should not leave the European Union image

The second largest US automaker, Ford Motor, has a significantly large manufacturing presence in the United Kingdom for years, which means its global strategies would be affected if the British decide to leave the common European trading block.

Catherine Bearder, a UK member of the European Parliament, believes that Ford’s global usage patterns – which implicate the UK as a major hub – are a testament to the importance of the country’s decision to remain in the European Union. “The UK must lead reform in Europe, not leave and throw the economic recovery away,” added Bearder for Automotive News Europe. The politician’s comments come swiftly after Ford of Europe chief executive Jim Farley warned they need the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union to keep up the auto manufacturers in the country implicated in the global production strategies. “We really believe that the UK being part of the EU is critical for business,” commented the newly appointed chief executive.

According to Farley, the Great Britain employee presence of Ford is of around 14,000 workers and one in three global Ford engines come out of the country’s plants. His comments were broadcast in a BBC Radio interview. He added that while “we really hope that doesn’t happen,” if the British did retire from European Union membership the operations might not be impacted heavily, with Ford’s UK engineering team enjoying a growing importance in the company. The country’s EU membership has become a pivotal subject of debate as the general elections are approaching in May.

Via Automotive News Europe