The US automaker last year, exactly during the same Beijing Motor Show in China, revealed a Ford Escort concept – and has now revealed its plans to out the production ready version during this year’s venue.

With a vastly diversified auto market, China has the space and necessary buyers for models that overlap each other and still get different customers. That’s the case with the Escort, which is a sedan heavily based on the Focus sedan, albeit with a marketing view that sees the model bough by older and wealthier clients –compared to an average Focus buyer.

Also, as last year’s concept was in near production form, the Escort in its 2014 iteration would be nearly identical to last year’s concept, having also the same size as a regular Focus sedan, but a more spacious cabin and additional technology and gadgets.

As expected, at the April 20 official unveiling – set on the press day of the Beijing Motor Show – the Escort should come with the same engine choices, gearbox options and front-wheel drive as the regular Focus.

Ford’s UK chairman Mark Ovenden also revealed that although the car is destined only for initial production and sales in the Asian country, the car later on could make its way to Russia and some Latin American countries – while North American and European sales are not under consideration.


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