Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX 5 stars at EuroNcap image

Ford announced today that C-MAX and Grand C-MAX models have receive 5 star safety ratings from Euro NCAP.

Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX are built on Ford’s global C-car platform and are the first Ford passenger cars to undergo Euro NCAP’s new crash test procedures introduced last year.

In total, 53 per cent of the bodyshell in each vehicle is made from high-strength steels, compared to 45 per cent in the previous generation vehicle.
Ultra-tough Boron steel is used in the A-pillars, B-pillars, rocker panels and door reinforcement beams help to create a passenger cell that manages deformation in a crash – including frontal impacts, side impacts and side pole impacts.
High strength dual-phase steel is used in the front crash structure, inner rocker panels and floor cross members for maximum crash energy absorption, and to manage deformation of the passenger cell.