Ford C-Max facelift caught on the open road image

Ford is currently testing out an updated version of the C-Max which will bring the minivan closer to newer models in the company’s lineup.

The Ford C-Max is about to be updated as the North American based automaker has been recently spotted while testing out such a model. The images posted below are showing us a test mule of the updated Ford C-Max facelift which is wearing some light camouflage on its body, or mostly to its front fascia and rear end, to be more precise, which suggest nothing more than a simple facelift for this popular minivan.

The 2015 Ford C-Max will be gaining the Aston Martin like front grille and this will bring it closer in terms of look to newer models in the company’s lineup, such as the facelifted Fiesta, the new Mondeo / Fusion or the Kuga / Escape. The upper grille is very large and it is sitting between the tapered headlights, the covered rear end suggests some modifications made here too and we are also expecting some minor changes made to the cabin. The engine lineup is expected to remain the same. The model in question should be unveiled next year, during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, in March.