Ford C-Max Hybrid Sets Record Sales image

The new Ford C-MAX Hybrid surpassed Toyota Prius v becoming the best-selling hybrid utility vehicle.

It has been only one full month of sales since the new Ford C-MAX Hybrid has been launched, and it already managed to outsell Toyota Prius v 3, 182 units to 2, 769 units. The new C-MAX Hybrid, considered America’s most fuel-efficient and affordable hybrid utility vehicle, managed to help Ford reach its best October hybrid sales with 4,612 units sold, an increase of 142% compared with the same period last year. Fiesta, C-Max and Focus sales also increased 54% to 25,493 vehicles year over year.

“The new C-MAX is off to a fast start in the heart of the hybrid market, not only outselling Prius v, but drawing a lot of interested Toyota customers who chose our new hybrid instead,” says C.J. O’Donnell, manager, Ford Electrified Vehicles.

As more and more customers look foe fuel economy, Ford is prepared with 6 models which offer 40 mpg or better. The C-MAX Hybrid offers up to 7% better fuel economy than Prius v, and its best-selling markets in October were Los Angeles, San Francisco and California. C-MAX Energi is available at dealers in half the states across the US.

  • boil

    i went to buy a c-max, nice car, drives great, and has a rated 47mpg. but every new owner of that car is now saying they are getting no where near that number, more around 35-38 mpg. not bad, but the car is $30k. i will wait and drive my older car until the car mfr get their act together, if its 47 it should be 47. even the egg prius, says 54, and gets 54…..

  • Benoit

    Very good news!