Ford Can’t Build Enough Cars to Meet Demand image

Alan Mulally, Ford’s CEO, declared that the company can not build enough cars to meet consumer demand, but it tries to boost production this year.

“We’re going to increase production through the rest of the year,” Mulally told reporters after meeting with members of Michigan’s congressional delegation Wednesday. “We have limits on our production as we’re going up. … We really can’t make as many vehicles as people want right now,” said Alan Mulally.

He said that the company adds shifts and boost production, so as by the end of the year Ford will have enough vehicles to satisfy customers’ demand. He also added that although the company has enough space to develop in North America, it has no plans on building new plants.

Ford expects the US Gross Domestic Product to rise 2%-2.5% this year, a slow but steady recovery. In the first quarter Ford’s US market share was down 15.2% from 16% in 2011. Last year US sales hit 12.8 million and the company estimates this year’s sales will reach 14.4 million trucks and cars, with May sales up 30% compared to the same period last year.