Ford Celebrates Its 350 Millionth Vehicle image

Today, August 31st, Ford celebrates the 350 millionth vehicle, a Ford Focus, the best selling model in the entire world for the first half of this year.

Ford is celebrating the accomplishment at its newest facility located in Rayong, Thailand, which was opened in May and it is worth $450 million. The plant manufactures the new Focus, which is also produced in four other countries. Ford Thailand Manufacturing is able to manufacture up to 6 different models at the same time, thanks to its robotic capabilities, flexible body shops and new stamping presses.

“Producing 350 million vehicles is equivalent to producing one vehicle every 10 seconds for our 109-year history. If placed end to end, the vehicles would stretch to the moon and back – twice,” said John Fleming, Ford executive vice president of global manufacturing.

According to HIS Automotive, the Focus was the best-selling car in the world for the first six months of this year, selling 489,616 units, followed by its competitor the Toyota Corolla with 462,187 units sold. The customers are attracted by the model’s value, performance, fuel economy and performance.

“The Focus is a winner on so many levels because it successfully provides customers with what they want most – a safe, smart, fuel-efficient, good-looking, fun-to-drive, affordable car,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s group vice president for global marketing.