Ford China Sales Up 44% in June image

Ford’s sales in China increased 44% in June to 75, 254 units, its best June in this market.

In June Ford’s sales in China jumped 44% to 75,254 units and during the first half of the year sales increased 47% to 407,721 units, thanks to the automaker’s new vehicles and plant expansion. Ford’s increase has surpassed the overall auto market in China this year, helping rise its market share.

This year the US automaker plans to increase its market share in the US and China and surpass the last year’s level, while Europe is expected to stay at the same level. Ford’s market share last year was 3.2% in China, 15.2% in the US and 7.9% in Europe.

Ford said it has sold 70,540 passenger vehicles in China in May, with the Focus compact keeping its place as the best-selling nameplate in the region. From January to May Focus’ sales increased 87%, mainly due to the automaker’s decision to manufacture the new model in China.

Ford is still a weak player in China, which is dominated by GM and VW, but it plans to make big investments in the region to build new facilities, increase the number of dealers and introduce the Lincoln brand later this year.

Source: Forbes