Ford China to strengthen ties with JMC image

Ford has set its sights on the Chinese city of Nanchang, where Jiangling Motors Company (JMC) is based.

Following recent engine and gearbox manufacturing programs in Chongqing and the announcement of its second plant with Chang’an, Ford is now negotiating terms with JMC.

According to a report by Economic Observer News, Ford Motor China CEO David Schoch said he was extremely satisfied with the status of Ford’s discussions with local manufacturer Jiangling Motors Company and that Ford would like to further strengthen ties between the two companies and the city of Nanchang. According to Schoch, such a partnership would help Ford increase its presence in China.

Ford China CEO made the comments during a meeting with Nanchang Mayor Chen Junqing earlier this week. The official said that deeper cooperation between Ford and JMC would boost the growth of the city’s automobile industry. “We will devote all our energy in cooperating with JMC and Ford, in order to ensure that both sides are able to make larger and more substantial gains”, Mr. Chen was quoted as saying by

Currently, Ford and JMC are collaborating on commercial vehicles and pickup trucks. David Schoch didn’t say whether Ford intends to cooperate with JMC in developing passenger vehicles. JMC’s annual output was 300,000 automobiles and 290,000 engines in 2010.