Ford, Chrysler, GM Offer $8M to Help Detroit Get New Ambulances, Police Cars image

US automakers donated $8 million for new police and ambulance cars for Detroit, supporting the new emergency manager Kevyn Orr to change the city’s image.

GM, Ford and Chrysler, all having their headquarters located in the Detroit area, joined Quicken Loans, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and other companies in the area in the effort to change and improve the image of Detroit.

“This is an unprecedented collaboration between the business community and the mayor’s office,” said Mayor Dave Bing.

Roger Penske, chief executive of Penske Automotive Group Inc, is the person behind the effort to find funds for the police cars and ambulances for Detroit. Bankruptcy lawyer Orr started its new job as Detroit’s emergency financial manager two days ago, after he was chosen by Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder to fix the city’s finances. According to government reports Detroit has a $100 million budget deficit for this fiscal year and long-term debt and liabilities of $14 billion.

The city currently has 10 ambulances instead of 19 it is supposed to have, and the remaining ones are old, prone to mechanical failures, each with between 250,000 to 300,000 miles on them.