Ford confirms shorter summer production break on its US SUVs plants image

Driven by high demand for its SUV lineup, Ford has officially announced it would cut the summer vacation shutdown by one week.

Ford-brand SUVs are off to their best sales start in the company history in the first five months of the year and the automaker plans to seize the moment by building 22, 000 extra SUVs this summer. Therefore, its Louisville, Chicago and Oakville assembly plants and their supporting stamping facilities will shut down only on the week of July 4 for building maintenance and machine retooling, instead of the traditional two-week summer break shutdown. In addition to the SUV plants, Kentucky Truck will have a shortened summer shutdown as well, as workers on the plant are getting ready for the upcoming launch of the new Super Duty truck later this year, the company said in a statement.

The rest of Ford’s North American facilities will keep their scheduled output vacation. “Our SUV assembly plants will continue to build vehicles to make sure we have enough of our popular SUVs to meet customer demand.” Gary Johnson, Ford vice president, North American Manufacturing, said.

Ford is not the only US automaker planning to speed the production of its high margin models. Fiat Chrysler will also keep on full speed five of its plants in the United States and Mexico during the entire summer, while three other factories will shorten the normal two weeks of downtime to a single week.