Ford contract rejected at two more plants image

The negotiations between Ford and United Automobile Workers are opened, but employees at two plants have already rejected the proposed deal.

Members of United Automobile Workers Local 862 in Louisville have not accepted the agreement, rejecting it by a 2-1 margin. This particular Group represents 18 percent of Ford’s total work force in the US. The turn-down margin is the biggest one of any of the locals whose votes have been publicly reported. According to Automotive News, employees involved in production did not agree with the deal, with 52 percent rejecting it, while skilled-trades labour accepted it by 51 percent. In order to be ratified, both sides have to agree with the contract.

The negative votes situation from the Louisville Assembly and Kentucky Truck plants also occurred at an axle plant in Sterling Heights and a parts plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan; a stamping plant in Buffalo, NY; engine plants in Cleveland and Lima, Ohio, and at the Kansas City Assembly Plant as well. However, there were two facilities who have agreed with the deal: the Ohio Assembly, with 52 percent of workers saying “yes,” and at Michigan Assembly, where the majority was in favour with 81 percent.

Ford committed to Members of United Automobile Workers it would invest 9 billion dollars in its US production plants, out of which 1.3 billion dollars should have been directed to those two plants that rejected the agreement. Also, the contract would give Ford works an 8,500-dollar bonus if they signed it, a raise for veteran workers and would put lower-paid employees hired since 2007 on a plan towards full pay within eight years.

Via Automotive News