Ford crossover plant being idled due to parts shortage image

Labor violence at a Ford Motor Co. supplier in India has caused a shortage of transmission parts that will idle Ford’s Oakville, Ontario, assembly plant next week.

“The recent labor unrest at Rico Auto Industries and the Haryana state in India has resulted in a shortage of parts from Rico,” said Ford Canada spokeswoman Lauren More.

“We are monitoring the situation and continue to work with Rico to reduce the impact on our operations.”

Media reports said an ongoing strike at the Rico plant, just outside New Delhi, turned violent after an employee died on Sunday during a protest.

Reuters said more than 70 factories were affected by a one-day strike this week.

About 3,000 in workers in Oakville will be affected by the shutdown, said Canadian Auto Workers union local president Gary Beck.

Formal contract talks between the union and Ford on lowering manufacturing costs are scheduled to resume next week, Beck said. The two sides last met formally in September, but have had informal discussions since then.