Ford Ends Production of the F-150 Harley-Davidson Special Edition image

Ford announced it will discontinue the F-150 Harley Davidson special edition for the next year.

“We don’t have plans for one at the moment, ” Doug Scott, Ford Motor Co.’s truck marketing manager told Automotive News. “We’ve got 10 models including a brand-new Limited Model, which was new for 2013. We feel like we’ve got the market really well covered.”

The US automaker introduced the Harley-Davidson special edition in 1999, being for years the top-trim in the pickup truck lineup. Ford said that this model accounted for only 1% to 2% of the total F 150 sales every year, but now the model is not needed anymore with the addition of the Raptor, platinum and Limited trim lines.

“With the introduction of Platinum and Raptor it was not a high-volume or high-turn vehicle for us. It won’t be missed,” Scott said.

The Harley special edition has a Harley-Davidson inspired design, large wheels, leather with contrasting stitching seats and the Harley-Davidson badging fitted on the center console, seats and the exterior of the truck.