Ford Executive Vice President of Product Development Raj Nair image

The 2017 Ford GT supercar has shaped up to be one of the most eagerly-awaited models of the US automaker in recent years and while it goes up for order starting next month, potential customers will find out it’s not that easy snatching one.

Well, aside from the exclusive pricing and limited number of models (only 250 units for the year), the most recent report says Ford will be screening carefully the wannabe owners of the new Ford GT. Since the major interest included even blank checks handed to executives to call in the price, Ford appears to have thought considerably about the vetting process. Reportedly this will only be done via an online application setup that will help the automaker make the difference between future owners. This online feat is scheduled to commence sometimes in March and among the probable questions in the included survey will be things like social media activity, how often do they plan to drive the car and how many Ford vehicles have they driven in the past. Ford’s arguably trying to discern among the ones just looking for the next supercar and loyal customers (who may have owned the GT in the past as well) who actually look up driving the model.

By the way, Ford has even thought about profiteers – new owners would be asked to signed a contract that disallows them the resale of the precious possession in order to deter buyers that only look to snatch the GT in order to pass it on for a heavy profit. “We want to prioritize people who are going to care about the car, keep the car and drive the car,” has commented Ford Executive Vice President of Product Development Raj Nair on the matter.

Via The Detroit News