The redesigned Ford Fusion will be the first vehicle sold globally to use recycled materials.

Beginning in 2008 with the upholstery in the Ford Escape hybrid, Ford has slowly become the leader in the use of recycled materials. Ford managed to find a textile manufacturer outside the auto industry, which would be able of producing recycled fabric. Beginning with 2009, Ford asked its suppliers to produce each seat with at least 25% of recycled fabric. Therefore, two-thirds of the automaker’s vehicle programs in North America use fabric made from recycled yarns.

With the redesigned Fusion the US automaker has reached a new milestone with worldwide implications, that of being the first vehicle sold globally to use recycled materials. Once the vehicle will reach full production globally, Ford’s strategy to use recycled materials will reach the potential of recycling enough post-industrial waste and plastic bottles to make 1.5 million yards of fabric annually.

“The fabric being used in Fusion truly illustrates Ford’s commitment to sustainability, regardless of any geographical borders,” says Robert Brown, vice president, sustainability, environment and safety engineering.

Currently, Ford uses 41 recycled fabrics for 15 global vehicle lines, from Mustang and the Fiesta to the F-150 and the Taurus.



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