Ford expects its EcoSport small SUV to become one of its best-sellers in the European market if it will get enough product supply from India.

The US automaker expects to get around 30, 000 EcoSport small SUVs from India in 2014, but predicts that demand will be much higher, according to Barb Samardzich, Ford of Europe chief operating officer.

“The EcoSport has the potential to become one of our best-sellers in Europe and volume will grow over time as we expand the range with more powertrain and trim options,” Samardzich said.

Ford relies on its EcoSport because SUVs are not offered with a high discount in the European market, where the price war continues despite seven straight months of increases in sales. Samardzich said theUSautomaker still sees a very aggressive pricing for its models and also for the new models introduced by its rivals.

As demand for SUVs is still high, automakers can sell them at a good price. There is also a downsize to this. As demand for SUV s grows, extra price pressure will be added on mainstream models of the same size.

“The success of small SUVs such as the EcoSport translates into higher discounts for mainstream subcompact hatchbacks,” said  Samardzich.



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